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Where it all started

The back story

Born and raised in the UK and lived all my life in London. I've worked in the City for the last 20 years. I've been with Kat, my Czech girlfriend, for over 7 years, living together in London for six and a half of those years. Moving to Czech on a permanent basis was never in our plans, we were happy to visit her family once or twice a year. However, circumstances can always change and unfortunately Kat's dad having a car accident in Czech during lockdown changed everything. Despite visiting a number of times after the accident, we decided that to give him the best opportunities for his life it would be better if we moved to Czech permanently. So I quit my job, we put the house up for rent and moved into the family home near to his hospital. So thought I'd set this page up and put down my thoughts, insights and stories somewhere for anyone who is interested to read.

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